Thursday, June 5, 2008


Nico Vega (Dan, Aja and Rich)
photo by Alex Prager

Very cool news for Nico Vega fans in the Los Angeles area! This Friday (tomorrow June 6th) Nico Vega is hosting a charity party and working up an acoustic set. Also performing are Crash Kings, Tyler Steele, DJ Fembot and ART by Chris Estes.

All proceeds go to CHARITY: WATER ( an organization that distributes clean water to the Third World. Check out this video HERE of what Charity: Water does. There's limited capacity so get there early!

The event starts at 8:00 pm,
Fri, June 6th
@ "the Warehouse"
2437 Riverside Dr

Full open bar with a donation of $20. Sponsored by The Warehaus, Boru Vodka and Art Needs Freedom. Free Drinks and Snacks all nights. Vegan Appetizers ! And click here at for more info on this event.

Here's a taste of Nico Vega playing "Gravity" acoustically. So freakin' awesome!

Nico Vega comes in to perform the song, "Gravity" on Indie 103.1's Feel My Heat with Danny Masterson and Brent Bolthouse.