Wednesday, June 4, 2008

AUDRA MAE @ The Hotel Cafe

Often times when I go to shows and take pics, I find myself concentrating too much on the photography aspect which makes it difficult to enjoy the music. Last night, I decided to leave the camera behind and relax and enjoy the greatness of Ms. Audra Mae. So, in a sense, it was my day off and I had a blast! Got to hear some new songs and some old favorites. This time I brought a buddy of mine who took this video of her performance. (The camera was placed on a table-top counter which explains the 'artsy' feel of it - OR - I'm guessing my buddy didn't want to put down his beer and hold the camera at the same time! Heheh. But the audio is great and after listening you'll see why I'm sooooo in love with her voice!) You'll have to see her live to get the full Audra Mae experience!!

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June 10th @ Silverlake Lounge

courtesy of 405east