Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ultraviolet Sound Music from TrueAnthem

Sarah (vocals)
Sami (keys)
Brad (guitar)

You feel like DANCING?!! Listening to the first few tracks has gotten me hooked! Los Angeles electro-pop band, ULTRAVIOLET SOUND's new debut record, O.C.D. is out and you can download their record for FREE below. How cool is that?! Ultraviolet are fast becoming one of L.A.'s hottest bands around. You may have heard or even seen front-woman Sarah Hudson before. She was a guest judge on the first season of BRAVO's Project Runway and she's reportedly Kate Hudson's cousin. OR you've probably read about these guys from celebrity blogger Perez Hilton:


Ultraviolet's lyrics and sound grab inspiration from across the board with aspects of Rock and Roll, Hip-Hop, Dance, 80s and 90s music. Mashed to create a sound that has their hipster fans in a frenzy, this threesome's music has captured the attention of those on the forefront of what's fresh, original and different, delivering tomorrow's edge, today.
May 18th - TILT (Hollywood)
May 27th - Malibu Inn