Friday, April 25, 2008


photo by picksYsticks

Last Thursday, MATHER LOUTH played a solo gig at O'briens Irish Pub in Venice. Mather still put on a great performance considering she played with a blown speaker and the room the stage was in was only separated by a curtain, enabling crowd noise from the bar to bleed in. With or without a band, Mather can still put on a hypnotizing show.

Mather Louth lists her influences as, “…memories of the desert…” and “…New York City…” And that’s how best to describe her - vast emptiness of the desert mixed in with complexities of a dark, nocturnal city. In such songs as “Marisel” and “ Parched” her sound and lyrics seeps a dark desire that hypnotizes you. Her voice? Sexy and mesmeric – like a narcotic of some sort.

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May 7th -The Indoor Cafe in Burbank
May 17th - Canters' Kibitz Room