Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Pity Party

UK Online magazine SUPERSWEET picked their top ten favorite bands they found on Myspace and guess who was #1??

NEW BANDS WE LOVE: Myspace Finds
March 2008

1 - The Pity Party

Words: Choltida Pekanan
Photography: Timothy Norris


Our winners this year have come a long way, all the way from Los Angeles. The Pity Party are consisted of a girl and a guy under the names Heisenflei and M. The duo approach their music like arts & crafts and The Pity Party is the vehicle that allows them to do just that.

Their music is a diverse mix of styles that are hard to pin down. All lyrics have political undertones, magnificently simple in structure but un-simplified by haunting vocals and the ingenious layered guitar sounds over keys. ‘Yours that Works’ is a good example of an ice cold number that epically bursts into flames as it dies down.

While busying ourselves obsessing over this new band, we find the Pity Party is in fact a great surprise. Drummer/vocalist Heisenflei has a brother whom she cites as inspiration, his name is Greg Edwards from Autolux. But she is something of a pioneer herself - playing drums with 2 legs and a hand while the other is constantly on the keyboard as she sings – all at once! Environmentally conscious they are, the pair make their EP packaging out of cereal boxes and screen print on top. You can’t get more SUPERSWEET than this!

Great sound, smart ethics, unique visuals and even blessed with good looks. The Pity Party have pretty much ticked all the boxes and won our hearts all over. We hope they’ll win yours too.

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