Canadian Alessia Cara made her highly anticipated Los Angeles debut at The Troubadour. Signed to Def Jam records based on her Soundcloud page that included covers of Lorde, The Neighbourhood, Sam Smith and Justin Bieber, this show marked Alessia's first headlining gig.


Ahead of their June 9th release of their upcoming album Wild Nights, UK's PINS have released their new single "Young Girls." Also, they just announced their U.S. summer toiur which kicks off June 13rh in New York.


Zella Day has released her debut album Kicker and she celebrated with a sold out show at LA's famed Troubadour last week.


Last Saturday, over 150 bands made their journey to downtown Pasadena to take part in Make Music Pasadena (MMP), billed as the largest free, all-day music festival on the West Coast.


Winter's new album Supreme Blue Dream is the ideal soundtrack to your summer..

Monday, March 31, 2008

APRIL 3RD: A Fine Frenzy @ The Roxy!!!!!!!!

If you were lucky enough to score tickets for this sold out show, then you are lucky! A Fine Frenzy returns home, closing out their North American tour, which started in San Francisco through the east coast, up through Canada and ending this Thursday at the world famous Roxy Theatre!

Since their latest release of "One Cell in the Sea" last July, it has since reached the Billboard 100 charts and A Fine Frenzy has made appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman, Last Call with Carson Daly, The CBS Early Show and Ms. Alison Sudol even made her tv acting debut on CSI: Miami.


MISS DERRINGER/photo by Allen Scott

Hey all,

Check out the new CC/K 'Heartbreak' remix of Black Tears on Miss Derringer's page!
By the awesome DJ's Kindle and Chimera Chimera!

And if you are in the LA area, come check out Miss D LIVE! at the Troubador on April 9th.

All ages show, with great bands War Tapes and Jail Weddings!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Fuji Minx performed at the Martini Blues in Huntington Beach last Thursday and, as usual, played an amazing set. Check out the pictures below. You can view the rest of the pics from that night in our pics page HERE.

Greta Valenti of Fuji Minx
photo by picksYsticks

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In other news, Fuji Minx has been nominated for 2 IAIA Golden Kayak Awards on! Fuji Minx has been nominated for Best Band and for Best Alternative Pop Rock Song for their song "But No No No" from their debut album, Users Cheaters Theatres.

The Kayak represents the journey of the indie one artist navigating down the river towards destiny. The IAIA (International Academy of Independent Artists) is a group of artists who nominate and vote for their peers, to recognize musical excellence in the past year. Winners will be announced April 6th.

And this Sunday, you can catch the hype about this amazing band when they play "Detour Live" at the House of Blues in Anaheim. Go to their site HERE for more tour info and to purchase their debut album Users Cheaters Theatres. Check out our review of their debut album and live performance HERE!

Greta Valenti - lead/guitar
John Fry - guitar
Rob Zero - keys
Nolaig McMurray - drums
Dave Dorr -bass

Upcoming Shows
March 30 @ House of Blues (Anaheim)
April 10 @ The Mint

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Pity Party

UK Online magazine SUPERSWEET picked their top ten favorite bands they found on Myspace and guess who was #1??

NEW BANDS WE LOVE: Myspace Finds
March 2008

1 - The Pity Party

Words: Choltida Pekanan
Photography: Timothy Norris


Our winners this year have come a long way, all the way from Los Angeles. The Pity Party are consisted of a girl and a guy under the names Heisenflei and M. The duo approach their music like arts & crafts and The Pity Party is the vehicle that allows them to do just that.

Their music is a diverse mix of styles that are hard to pin down. All lyrics have political undertones, magnificently simple in structure but un-simplified by haunting vocals and the ingenious layered guitar sounds over keys. ‘Yours that Works’ is a good example of an ice cold number that epically bursts into flames as it dies down.

While busying ourselves obsessing over this new band, we find the Pity Party is in fact a great surprise. Drummer/vocalist Heisenflei has a brother whom she cites as inspiration, his name is Greg Edwards from Autolux. But she is something of a pioneer herself - playing drums with 2 legs and a hand while the other is constantly on the keyboard as she sings – all at once! Environmentally conscious they are, the pair make their EP packaging out of cereal boxes and screen print on top. You can’t get more SUPERSWEET than this!

Great sound, smart ethics, unique visuals and even blessed with good looks. The Pity Party have pretty much ticked all the boxes and won our hearts all over. We hope they’ll win yours too.

Read the Pity Party's full interview HERE.


This is how we do it in the OC bee-atch! I'm lovin' this band. A cross between the Go-Go's and Green Day, this band just recently released their 4-track EP which includes a cover of Nena's "99 Red Balloons" (the English version).

Here's a review of their EP from
The Go-Sheilas are a new band to me but a very welcome one too! They are a collaberation between ´Sheila Go Sheila´ and ´Andy Fisher´ with numerous other musicians such as Dave Hidalgo (Suicidal Tendencies, The Weirdos and The Drips) backing. Keeping the musicians varied has made this EP the recording that it is. The Go Sheilas remind me so much of the ´Go-Go´s´ but with more balls and the proof lies in this CD I´m playing right now! There´s four tracks on here and the opening number ´I Can Make It´ is a brilliant choice as opener. Following are ´Simple Plan´ and ´Holiday´ which just kick ass. There is so much passion in the music and this closes with ´99 Red Balloons´ a cover of the ´Nena´ classic. The musicianship on here is top notch and the vocals from Sheila are just out this world. She´s been compared to Belinda Carlisle and Debbie Harry but while it´s fair to say there are some similarities in there vocals it´s also fair to say it would be sheer criminal to take away from Sheila´s vocals. They are nothing short of brilliant. This is a good debut ep from this band and I can´t wait to hear an album. (Self Financed) 9.5/10
Check out their videos for "I Can Make It" and "Holiday" below!

Grab their EP at the link below:

Sheila Go Sheila - Vocals
Andy Fisher - Guitar
Dave Robinson - Guitar
Tobie Hutto - Bass
Dan Carlton - Drums

April 4 @ The Doll Hut (Anaheim)
May 3 @ Taste of Ladera (Ladera Ranch, Ca.)
July 26 @ The Vault 350 (Long Beach)

Monday, March 10, 2008

KILLOLA @ Safari Sam's

LISA RIEFFEL- lead singer
MIKE BALL - guitar
DAN GRODY - drums

Oh yeah! Friday brought out KILLOLA!! Got to hear some new songs from their new album, "I Am The Messer" which you can pre-order RIGHT HERE! You can also check out some pics below and a youtube vid of Killola performing "All of My Idols Are Dead." Pretty fierce I must say!

There are more pics from that night in our pics page HERE!

Here's KILLOLA performing "All My Idols Are Dead" from their new album, I AM THE MESSER. Grab their album now HERE!

courtesy of 405east


Friday, March 7, 2008


Sunday, March 2, 2008

FUJI MINX @ Safari Sam's

GRETA "GV" VALENTI - lead vocals / guitar
JOHN FRY - acoustic guitars
ROB ZERO - keyboards / programming
DAVE DORR - bass

Minx Angel "GV"

Their debut album, Users Cheaters Theatres, is a sonic landscaping of sensual melodies that encompasses the dark caverns of addictions to the open flame of redemption and hope.

In a rare performance and on an even rare rainy day in Los Angeles, Fuji Minx came out to play at Safari Sam’s last Saturday in what was sure to be an emotionally passionate and visual production.

Formed in 2003, front-woman Greta “GV” Valenti and guitarist John Fry played stripped-down sets for the first couple years, releasing a popular acoustic demo until finding keyboardist Rob Zero, drummer Noel McMurray and most recently, new bassist, Dave Dorr. And when they began work on their new full-length album, what began as an 18-month writing session about social world events ended in a 20-track album addressing their own inner demons.

Their debut album, Users Cheaters Theatres, is a sonic landscaping of sensual melodies that encompasses the dark caverns of addictions to the open flame of redemption and hope.

Broken up like a three-act play, the first act includes songs such as “Better Place,” and “Wasting Away” that deals with identity struggles of attempting to fit in while trying to find out who you are. Lyrically, Users Cheaters Theatres is like a lesson in tough love, forcing the mirror upon us to judge what we see or refuse to see. In “But No No No,” GV pleads ‘Why can’t we just be what we want to be,’ while in “Wasting Away,” she sings, “I found my heart today that I didn’t even know I had…Hid under clothes and light…It was an ugly sight…Oh man it was sad…I feel I’m wasting away…”

“We placed the songs in an order that tells a powerful story during the live shows, that we will enhance visually on our upcoming tour,” GV explains on the album’s three-act structure. “We’re trying to do something that will make your concert ticket a bit more worthwhile and perhaps do something you haven’t seen before.”


Act two shifts gears and throws us into a one-way ticket to self-destruction with “Cat Wine” about the road to addiction. In a feverish pace, GV launches into, “You really got a major hold on me …But oh I’ve been thinking it over there’s no getting over you…Well I’ve been jacked up on Cat Wine and I’ve been spun on the fine line…” And like the loneliness and abandonment that follows, “You Taught Me Well” and “Secret Agent,” conjure images of a desolate existence on an endless road whereas “Bloodsport” and “Train” mark the beginning of healing, fighting back and being able to face your demons.

The end of the third act is like a soft sunset blanketing the cracked desert floor with a soft orange glow. With ballads “Dumb,” “Bye Love,” and “Dead to Me,” Users Cheaters Theaters ends like a setting sun that promises a hopeful new day, proving that their most rewarding tracks are their more subtler songs. Take for instance “Bye Love,” an emotional sad song evoking images of a cleansing soft rain that brings a dawn of new beginnings which could reference the end of a destructive relationship with someone (or something):

“I can’t take you anymore…It’s the sound of the walk through the drive in storm…Well I’ll put one foot right in front of the other. Step into the light from out of the covers and I can’t take you anymore…Bye Bye Love…”


As proven last Saturday, Fuji Minx’s debut album, like their live shows are able to create a visual atmosphere, infusing songs with saturated tones of dark passion with the intimacy of a refreshing night wind. What’s most impressive was how close their live performance closely reproduced the vivid arrangements of Users Cheaters Theatres. GV’s dynamic yet dominating voice is complimented by the rich orchestration of Zero’s delicate patterns on keys while Fry’s subtle and intense guitar rhythms are like chips of rusty gold floating down a cool stream. Add to that the brushing beats of McMurray and Dorr’s tender bass and what you get is a well-crafted debut album that could have easily been too overpowering. But Fuji Minx holds back enough letting the emotion of the melodies and powerful lyrics speak for themselves. As Fry explains, while writing the album, the band made a conscious effort to write songs they could recreate live onstage.

Since its release last September, Users Cheaters Theatres has been named 2007 Album of the Year at Online Magazine’s Bullz-Eye and has had a full out assault on the indie charts, reaching #1 on the IAC charts for “But No No No,” “Better Place,” “Free Lorainne,” and “Cat Wine.”

Currently, Fuji Minx just completed shooting their music video for “Dumb” and they’re also fine-tuning their live shows for their upcoming tour which promises to be a visual sight!

For a debut album, Users Cheaters Theatres is a surprisingly sophisticated production. And like both the album and their live shows, Fuji Minx successfully takes us on a gradual, exhausting journey through hell and back punctuated by sophisticated ideas that gives each of us insight to our own personal demons.

Here's a cool video of Fuji Minx performing "Cat Wine" and "Free Lorrainne" at Safari Sam's. Enjoy!

Fuji Minx performing "Cat Wine."
courtesy of 405east

Fuji Minx performs "Free Lorrainne."
courtesy of 405east

Check out more pics of Fuji Minx's performace in the pics page HERE or at Fuji Minx's myspace page HERE.
WHEN & WHERE: (upcoming FUJI MINX shows)
March 20 @ Martini Blues (Huntington Beach)
April 10 @ The Mint

DONITA SPARKS @ Safari Sam's


Donita Sparks and the Stellar Moments played a free show Saturday night in celebration of her new solo album, "Transmiticate," which is out now. Here are a few pics from that night.

Grab her new album at the official website: OR

Sparks performing L7 cover "Deathwish."
Courtesy of 405east

Read our review of "Transmiticate" HERE. And check out our pics page from the show HERE.