Saturday, February 2, 2008

DENGUE FEVER @ Echolplex

 Chhom Nimol of Dengue Fever / photograph by picksysticks
Chhom Nimol of DENGUE FEVER / photograph by picksysticks

Ended up going to Dengue Fever's record release party for their third album, "Venus on Earth" at The Echoplex last Thursday and 'Wow'!

set started off with a clip from their documentary, "Sleepwalking Through The Mekong" which chronicles the band's first shows outside the United States in lead singer Chhom Nimol's homeland of Cambodia. After that their new video for "Seeing Hands" was projected on the back wall. Finally, with the anticipation building, with Chhom nowhere to be seen, Dengue Fever took the stage and jump started the show with the surf-pop instrumental, "Ocean's of Venus." With the entrance worthy of a queen, with the crowd parting like the Red Sea, Chhom emerged from the wave of onlookers from a rickshaw and gracefully stepped on stage. From there on out, it was pure pop-rock - a blend of psychedelic pop and Western rock, like being in an asian discotheque and enjoying the unique rich sounds of classic party music to dance to. Dengue Fever performed an electrifying set, with Chhom seeming like she wanted to dance and enjoy the show until she remembered that they were the show.

David Ralicke & Chhom Nimol

On February 16th, Dengue Fever are scheduled to perform on Mr. Shovel's "Check One...Two" program on Indie 103.1. And the day after, be sure to check them out at The Viper Room at the popoular Monday night "Check One...Two." Admission is free. That'll be a great show.

Check out the rest of the photos from this night at Check out our "Venus on Earth" review below this post or HERE.

Here is Dengue Fever slowing things down performing "Sober Driver" from that night at the Echoplex. Thanks to 405 East for posting!

Dengue Fever performing "Sober Driver."