Monday, December 3, 2007


Well, I do. THIS BAND ROCKS! 'Nuff said!

Check 'em out at The Viper Room this Friday.

Killola logo


KILLOLA hosts a live interactive internet chat with fans every Friday night on OPERATOR 11 where fans can log on and chit-chat. You never know what to expect. Previous live shows included them playing online Halo 3 with fans, reviewing REALLY REALLY bad music and exclusive live performances. Here's what to expect:


Killola's Lisa Rieffel stars in GIRLTRASH, a series of webisodes.

"GIRLTRASH! is the story of three hapless chicks getting by any way they can. Tyler and Daisy are small-time criminals and best buds. Their friendship is put to the test when Tyler is seduced by the two-timing temptress, LouAnne. When LouAnne double-crosses Tyler and Daisy by stealing money from the local Kingpin, Tyler and Daisy are thrown into a world of shit. They need to find the money and LouAnne before they turn up dead… or worse." Girltrash is a webseries created by Angela Robinson shown exclusively though Learn more at: If you want to be a sexy baller, you can get some sweet GT Merch at:

GIRLTRASH: First Episode

Music Video for Don't Know Who

10,000 Pound Ego @ Safari Sams

Johnny Are You Queer

Barrel of Donkeys @ Key Club