Sunday, November 18, 2007


photo by JMH/405east


If the gang of Archies went to a house party, The Automatic Music Explosion would definitely be the band rockin’ out. The band, consisting of Matt, Jodie, Chris, Max and Jeff are colorful and fun, as though jumping off the pages of a comic book. But seriously, at first glance, you really don’t know what to make of The Automatic Music Explosion. Matt – the Goth/Glam rocker! Jodie – the Roller Derby gal. Jeff – the Punk Rocker. Chris – the Classic Rock ‘n Roller. And Max – the 60’s Brit Popper. It’s like watching a band in which each member, plucked from each music genre, was sucked through a music teen lover’s time warp and then suddenly dropping them on stage to play the mother of all shows.

Since the release of their Debut EP “This is!” earlier this year, The A.M.E.’s energetic live shows have been garnering word of mouth for their self-described ‘BLAST POP’ sound. Their shows? They’re a sight to behold. Every show demands mandatory participation from the crowd. Sign-waving Jodie baits the crowd into screaming and shouting with large cards telling the fans to ‘Clap Your Hands’ and yell ‘Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!’ From bassist Jeff jumping up and doing scissor kicks, vocalist Matt cursing the fans, Max the drummer posing center stage, Chris the guitarist head-banging and wind-milling his way through his solos and Roller-derby Jodie hip-shaking and hurling balloons and candy towards raised arms of the audience, The A.M.E. certainly can put on an electrifying show. Saying The A.M.E. are over-the-top would be an understatement. They’re loud and they are proud and they make no apologies for their brash, take no prisoner’s attitude.

photo by JMH/405east

Known for playing clubs at night and high schools during the day, The A.M.E has the knack for tapping into today’s youth - a time when all we cared about was wondering when our first kiss would be and the only responsibility we had was to our friends. The A.M.E. are not trying to change the world though their music, they just want to have fun while somebody else is trying to do it.

On vocals are both Matt and Jodie. But even though Matt shoulders most of the vocals, as the only gal in the group, Jodie proves she can rock with the rest of them. Singing and hip-shaking her way through, “C’mon C’mon” and “Looking out for Number 1,” Jodie’s teasing vocals contrasts Matt’s “I don’t give a fuck” persona. And when both clash on the mic together it’s a sight to see. Off to the side, A.M.E. guitarist (or should I say A.D.D. guitarist) Chris plays his diamond-studded guitar like there’s no tomorrow, using up every ounce of energy in “C’mon C’mon.” When the spotlight hits his guitar just right, a beacon of light shoots out towards the rock Gods as he takes center stage drawing on energy from the music thirsty crowd.

Currently, The A.M.E. are working on their debut full-length record, recording with legendary Rock & Roll Producer Mike Chapman who has worked with Blondie, The Knack and Pat Benatar. Until their new album comes out, enjoy them while you can as they play local shows all across the Los Angeles area.

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