Sunday, October 14, 2007


photo by 405east

405 EAST has a cool review of Nico Vega's recent gig and video shoot at La Cita in Downtown L.A.! Read the whole review HERE!

Here's an excerpt:
...Out of nowhere the crowd separates as the female lead singer, Aja, cuts to the stage wearing a seductive black body stocking over revealing lingerie; an outfit likely inspired by Club Fantasy. The three piece Nico Vega sound is its own turn-on as well. One can listen to them while prying the lid from a can of paint and splattering a room yellow. No bass chords to keep them grounded. Fast drums, high pitched guitar riffs, and raspy vocals start easy and soft until bursting into outrage. Aja has a voice with a lot of wow and flutter, spiking peaks at any moment, then staying redline until the valley end. Nico Vega's "Gravity" track would be a perfect soundtrack for a winding top down arms out drive up the sunny mountainside that suddenly swerves out-of-control off a cliff into a forest crackling tumble that comes to rest near a trickling stream....(read more HERE at 405 East.)

Here's the finished music video from that night for the single "Be Giving."