Sunday, October 14, 2007


First off - You can catch LAVENDER DIAMOND at THE ECHO this Thursday, October 18th! Click their myspace siteHERE for more details! Or their offical website here at .

Secondly - There's a very cool Lavender Diamond article in "Arthur Magazine." To read the entire article, click HERE!

Here's an excerpt:

Imagine Our Love, Lavender Diamond’s debut full-length, was released earlier this year to the kind of divided response the band has often received live. Stark’s Lavender Diamond persona is unique: think of a cosmic grade school teacher, or maybe Mary Poppins, returned to talk to you later in life, heartbroken at first to have to remind her former pupils about the importance of sharing and respect for Nature, but happy to encourage you to do better, using music, humor and imagination. When Stark sings “You broke my heart” over and over, pointing her finger directly at specific audience members, it’s a loaded—transgressive, even—move in a culture built on evading responsibility; you can see how it might not fly with every jaded urban hipster. But Lavender Diamond’s music is for the entire school, not just the kids too cool to be there. It’s pop music for peace, simple songs pitched somewhere between Linda Ronstadt, Jefferson Airplane and Yellow Submarine. Or, as Stark says, “It’s lovesongs to the world.”
Read the rest at ARTHUR MAGAZINE.

And finally - What better way to start off the week than with a Lavender Diamond video for...

Here's their very fun video for their song, "Open Your Heart." Enjoy!!