Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Happy Hollows @ Bordello

The Happy Hollows

Sarah Negahdari - guitar and vocals
Charlie Mahoney - bass and vocals
Chris Meanie - drums


Considering its Halloween, what better way to celebrate than to catch “The Happy Hollows” at Bordello last Wednesday night. And for the special occasion, they took the stage dawning their costumes. Sarah sported a cute pirates outfit. Chris dressed up as a red-spotted mushroom from Super Mario Brothers. And Charlie did his best as an indie-rocker bass player.

What comes to mind when listening to The Happy Hollows for the first time? It’s a sound that can only be found in an edgy fantasy land of Red Bull rivers, clouds made up of Crest Winter Fresh Mint Strips and where endless rainbows act as freeways. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that it’s cool, refreshing and adds a little color to your life whether you like it or not. Sort of like walking out of a friend's performance art show and wondering what the hell you just watched. You didn’t understand it but you know you liked it.


Led by Sarah’s energetic guitar riffs and cotton candy voice, she gives this power/pop trio an eclectic yet frenetic sound. She’s allowed to roam free with her buzz-inducing sound in such songs as "Meteors" and "Trolls." If Sarah represents one extreme then Charlie, who also shares vocal duties with Sarah, would be the other. Unlike most bands where the bass player if often delegated to the background, Charlie is allowed to shine, cementing the group with his groovin’ base guitar. Where the Happy Hollows can get wild and out of control, Charlie keeps it super cool and controlled, keeping Sarah’s inner wild child from breaking loose. Rounding out the group is Chris Meanie playing a ‘mean’ set of drums beats. All three put together create a common ground that is The Happy Hollows.

Their live set this night was purely aggressive and unapologetic. Their songs such as “Vietnam” and “Colors” are messy arrangements that clash into beautiful music. And in songs such as "My Wet Tongue," only Sarah can make her, often times quirky but fun lyrics enjoyable. They ended their furious set with their newly unreleased song, “Monster Room” a frenzied in your face song that left the audience screaming for more.

All in all, The Happy Hollows delivered what you’d expect from an indie rock band and even more. Their songs were catchy and contagious. If The Happy Hollows were a disease, you’d definitely want to catch it. Check out the rest of the photos from that night HERE.