Saturday, September 29, 2007

THE SPORES @ Spaceland

Molly McGuire – bassist/vocalist/puppeteer
Greg Biribauer – guitar/keys
Kenny Pierce - drums

It was only fitting that my first experience with The Spores was at The Spaceland in Silverlake. And an experience it was. It’s as if you stumbled upon a lone fuel stop in deep space. Someplace that only, if you were lost, would you dare enter to ask for directions and fuel up.

Inside, snake lights trim the stage and instruments. In the corner is a tall ominous black box. The crowd slowly starts to move towards the front of the stage. It’s only when the lights dim that the ominous looking box finally comes into play. Out of the darkness appears the Preacher, a puppet that, of course, preaches religion! Like a twisted children’s morning show, next up is another puppet, Tito Zzorro, a DJ busting out mad beats and singing, “Check it out! Can you Dig it??” I don’t know what to expect next but I know that tonight is gonna be one crazy ride.

Complete with paper mache puppets opening the show to captivating visuals The Spores took the stage in exciting electro-punk fashion. With glowing light rings on her fingers, front-woman and bassist, Molly McGuire lashed out on her bass as Greg Biribauer kept it rich with his guitar and synthesizer. Think of the electric sound of Garbage with the industrialized, machine-heavy sound of Nine Inch Nails and you get The Spores. Take for instance their song, “(Don’t) Kill Yourself.” Certainly their most radio-friendly song and currently getting heavy rotation on the radio in Los Angeles, The Spores prove that they can marry both their electric sound and bass driven tunes with heavenly melodies. But listen closely to those heavenly melodies and you soon realize the irony in this happy sounding song – an obvious dig on celebrity culture she sings:

“…kill yourself / your true fans will follow … kill yourself / I'm bigger than ever / I'd do it for you / would you do it for me? / one day it could be / bigger than ever…”

The Spores, fronted by McGuire is a fresh new band, mixes the theatrical with electronic/ dance beats. Listening to their tracks online, it’s hard to imagine that this trio can translate these rich arrangements to a live setting. But last Monday, they did just that. Their new album “Doom Pop,” best describes The Spores, having that post-apocalyptic feel where hope is lost - like a space-age Mad Max where it’s kill or be killed. In the case of The Spores, they play thrusting forward, rolling over anybody that stands in their way not having a care in the world.

The Spores is a band unlike no other, blending theatrical imagery with electro-pop music. It’s as though they were using music as a soundtrack to their performance art. Starting next week, The Spores begin their European tour in support of their new album. Check out their new album or if you’re across the pond anytime soon, be sure to check ‘em out!

For fun, here's the video for "(Don't) Kill Yourself" ENJOY!