Tuesday, September 25, 2007

MATHER LOUTH @ Taix 321 Lounge


Driving home after the Mather Louth show Thursday night with her music still in my head, I couldn’t help but conjure up David Lynch. You know the mood – a long dark stretch of road. It’s near empty but for the other few drivers willing to brave the night life of Los Angeles. Only when the city goes to sleep does another side of downtown dare comes to life. Fast becoming a popular gathering place for trendy locals, the scene this night was at the Taix 321 Lounge.


Mather Louth lists her influences as, “…memories of the desert…” and “…New York City…” And that’s how best to describe her - vast emptiness of the desert mixed in with complexities of a dark, nocturnal city. In such songs as “Marisel” and “ Parched” her sound and lyrics seeps a dark desire that hypnotizes you. Her voice? Sexy and mesmeric – like a narcotic of some sort. Backed by Jon Nilsen on saxophone, Randall Keith on stand-up bass and David Meadow on drums, Mather Louth’s music encompasses blues, jazz and rock.

Mather Louth is scheduled to play again this Thusday at the Taix 321 Lounge. If you wanna hear good music along with a fine glass of wine it’s well worth the price of admission – FREE! And stick around afterwards for Tulsa Skull Swingers. Their sound would best be described as Voodoo Rock! And imagine yourself stuck in a Tim Burton movie where the dead come to life to play one rockin’ show. Check ‘em out! And check out the review and MORE pics at 405east!

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